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Salon Business Consultant

A prosperous salon business doesn’t happen by magic. It requires investing in a top salon business consultant. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to surround yourself with mentors and coaches to motivate and inspire you to greater success. At The Hair Share, we’ve guided many business owners in refining their salons, and we can help you too. Whether it’s incorporating best-in-class services, brushing up your business and styling techniques, or getting rid of what is not working, we’ve got you covered. 

Why Our Team is Qualified to Serve as Your Salon Business Consultants

With more than five decades of combined experience, our top-rated salon consultants Cindy Adra and Alicia Kiel have successfully coached salons in service delivery, growth, and time management. As a business owner, you’ll be faced with many situations every day. We provide professional advice on every area of owning a salon. Here’s why we’re a top pick for many salon owners.

Tapping Into Your Creativity

We’re firm believers in simply doing it and going with what works best, constantly testing and evaluating. As salon owners, we’ve put our beliefs into action and witnessed exponential growth. That is why in our salon client consultation, we encourage business owners to tap into their creativity to unleash their full potential.


From first-hand experience, we know how hard it can be to launch a salon. You’re faced with endless decisions and choices. So, what should be your priorities? And what do you have to do to thrive? As beauty salon consultants, we will be with every step of the way in these critical moments because we know that your decisions today will impact your progress in the future. And by applying our approach, you will maximize your revenue and reap the rewards of a flourishing balance.

Unbeaten Resources

Thanks to our hands-on experience in the salon industry, our knowledge base is an unsurpassed resource for salon owners. We initially started out as passionate stylists and went with the flow until we grew into the exciting role of a salon consulting firm because of our unrelenting desire to give back to the hair community with absolute love and gratitude.

Our beauty salon consulting agency was formed to serve various fascinating facets of the salon industry. We’re committed to providing a practical, honest, and unfiltered approach to each client we work with. Regardless of whether you’re planning to open your business, running a new salon, or want to expand your venture, our ultimate goals are straightforward. We aim to boost your bottom line and show you how to have the perfect work-life balance.

You can be certain that the many obstacles which hinder your progress will be a thing of the past once you take advantage of our core values. Our values include integrity, commitment, delivering superior quality services, and staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends.

Salon Consultancy Services to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Running a salon business can sometimes be overwhelming. There’s so much to be done, but you’re confused about where to start. However, getting the help, you need to improve your business can be exactly what you need. This is where our second-to-none salon business consultant services come in. We’ll help you explore what you need to do to reach your business goals and still have time to concentrate on your personal goals. Register for Hair Share course today: